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Arialtrail is an outdoors climbing high rope course located on Holme Lane in a woodland area of North Lincolnshire near to the Pink Pig Farm.

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How Does The Course Work?

The course caters for children and adults over a metre tall and under 18 stone.

The course consists of 16 elements approximately 5m from the ground ending with two 100m-zip lines. The course is situated within a woodland area of 6000sqr meters.

The course has a safety system called a rope roller whereby once you are connected on the system and you will not be able to disconnect off the system until you finish.

The course caters for children and adults over a metre tall; the course also is designed for adults who wish to go on the course either on their own or with their children.

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How We Created The Arial Trail Course

Across the country, outdoor high rope courses have become a popular activity for adults and children to exercise and socialize. One of the key attributes of a high rope course is that a person does not need to have previous climbing experience in order to be a customer.

When we first came up with the idea we looked at a children’s course with the thrill of a possible fan descender, then we thought in year two or three we can expand and introduce a large climbing wall plus a fan descender for teenagers and adults.

Originally we focused on an adult course but after measuring the woodland area we found it may not be big enough for an adult course, so we looked at a small project but with still the thrill.


What you need to know

On How We Will Keep You Safe

We hope everyone who comes to Arialtrail enjoys their time on the course as much as we did building the course. AS A SUPERVISING ADULT EITHER ON THE GROUND OR ON THE COURSE YOU MUST REMAIN IN VISUAL CONTACT FOR THE DURATION OF THE ACTIVITY. An instructor will fit your harnesses and take you through some safety information. You can help make sure everyone has a fun and safe time by ensuring your party follows the safety rules during the activity. If you have any problems let an instructor know.

To get ready make sure:

  • If anyone needs to use the toilet during the activity let an instructor know so they can remove the harness and check it is refitted correctly.

  • You are dressed ready to go (shoelaces tied, loose clothing and jewelry removed).

  • Appropriate shoes and clothing.

  • You empty your pockets.

  • Tie up long hair.

Course Rules:

  • Please arrive 5 minutes before your slot so we can book you in.

  • 1 at a time on the Zip wire, wait until the person in front of you leaves the net before you go.

  • Move your kit carefully, don’t swing it backwards and forwards it can hurt you or others.

  • Keep hands and hair away from equipment. Ask an instructor if you need help or have a problem with anything while you are on the course.

  • No more than 2 on a platform( Please keep a 2m gap)

  • Don’t play with your harnesses.

  • No more than 1 on a crossing.


Take to the trees like an Adventurer with an exciting High Ropes adventure.

At Arialtrial we give a fantastic opportunity for you to experience the wild outdoors in our beautiful woodland. Whilst you tackle the heights your friends and family can stay on the ground and have a coffee, whilst watching you have fun in the trees. At Arialtrail we have picnic benches around the course for you to sit and relax. Arialtrail’s Instructors will make you feel really welcome as you traverse around the course.

High Ropes Course near you makes Arailtrail your number one choice, for great value for money for you and your family. We have a fantastic course where you can enjoy our woodland adventure as a family. Arialrail is an outdoors high rope course that will suit you and you family situated in the woodland area of North Lincolnshire near to The Pink Pig Farm. The Pink Pig farm offers a fantastic selection of meals available. You can have lunch and recharge your batteries before tackling Arialtrail. The course caters for children as well as adults taking part.

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